Marriott Meetings Go Green

Marriott Replaces Meeting Products and Services with Eco-Friendly Alternatives – 4,000 Trees To Be Saved by Just Using Pads Made of Recycled Paper

The average three-day meeting at a Marriott hotel attended by 1,000 people produces more than 12 tons of trash, uses 200,000 kilowatts of power and consumes 100,000 gallons of water. Beginning this summer, Marriott, JW Marriott and Renaissance Hotels & Resorts will introduce a series of meeting products that are eco-friendly and will help guests and meeting planners reduce their environmental impact. Marriott is building on an aggressive environmental strategy by adding new elements to green its meetings. To see more about Marriott’s efforts to green its meetings, click on

Products and Services include:

– 100% post-consumer fiber writing pads
– Bic Ecolutions® pens made from recycled content and biodegradable (Marriott purchases 47 million pens per year)
– Access to recycling containers in or near meeting rooms in many of the hotels
– Meeting rooms set with water service in pitchers or coolers rather than plastic bottles
– Boxed lunch containers made of recycled content, including biodegradable cutlery kits and napkins
– Organic, sustainable and natural food and beverage options in many hotels to include Fair-Trade teas and meeting room chocolate options
– Organic flower options
– Linen-less banquet buffet tables made of 49%-recycled aluminum and are 99% recyclable at many hotels
– Safe-to-donate food given to America’s Second Harvest’s network of food banks

“Our customers have been demanding greener meetings and we feel we can make a difference in the world by taking steps to reduce our footprint on the environment. This is just the beginning of an evolving program that continue to add ‘green’ products and services as they become available,” said Bruno Lunghi, CMP, Marriott’s vice president for event management. “An important element to any successful program is the engagement of our associates. As part of the program, event and sales managers will be trained on what makes a meeting environmentally friendly.”

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What Does Living Green Mean to You?

By Michael Bridges

I think everybody has the same basic concept of what living green is. Basically it’s making the earth healthier so that we, the inhabitants, can live healthier. But beyond that what does it mean to you on a personal level? Are your reasons for living green humanitarian or personal?

What are some of the personal reasons people might choose for living green? Well, finances for one. Gas prices are very high right now and getting higher. Switching to biofuel or another fuel alternative might help cut down on carbon emissions, but it can also keep more money in your pocket. Using those energy efficient compact florescent bulbs may be a part of living green, but they also save you money on your energy bill.

Another personal reason for living green can be health. Followers of living a green life stress giving up or reducing meat consumption. This is also a health issue for someone with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart problems. Green household products are good for the environment, but there also good for health conditions like allergies.

Ego can be a personal reason for living green. Living green is really big and getting bigger so showing people that you have conformed to the green way of life can you some pats on the back. It can be a big boost to the ego when you are being congratulated for something you’re doing.

Living green is very important in the longevity of this planet. So whatever reason you have chosen to embrace living green, personal or humanitarian, just doing so helps us all.

Want more tips and ideas for living a greener life? Go to Living Green For Life. You’ll find videos, articles and other resources of information on living green. For all your Living Green searches and other searches use the Green Box.

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