Restoring Power

Restoring Power

By Glenn Maltais

The forces at work concerning America’s increasing dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil represent profound short and long term challenges; hostilities abroad, skyrocketing energy costs and indifference at home, perpetuated by far reaching special interests.

Yet, within our nation’s social and political conscience, between the far left and far right accusations and condemnations, a non-partisan movement is under way, clearing a path for realization and reason to prevail concerning the most important issues of our time; safeguarding our planet and obtaining U.S. energy independence through clean, domestic renewable sources.

The growing number of individuals and businesses taking part in this long overdue movement are as diverse as the economic, environmental and security concerns bringing them together. However, there is one common belief we all share; be it through indifference, ignorance or blind faith, all of us have participated in creating this precarious (fossil fuel induced) situation that exists today. Likewise, it will require everyone’s participation to bring about a new level of thinking with regard to the environment, natural resources, economic stability and national energy independence.

With world oil production nearing peak capacity; energy demand and climate-change increasing unabated, man’s law of supply and demand, coupled with nature’s law of cause and effect, will inevitably bring about change. The only question is…for better or worse? Will we as a nation have the will to act now; not talk, not posture or politic, but to act out of conscience endeavor to usher in a new alternative energy era? Or through indifference will we be acted upon by the environmental, economic and national security threats now gathering on the horizon?

As the world’s largest consumer of energy and contributor to climate change, if realization and reason are to prevail, we have little time for politics as usual, half truths, ignorance or indifference. Whereas we are not powerless to bring about change…and the time for change is now!

When it has come to matters concerning forward-thinking national energy policies, dating back to the Arab oil embargo of 1973, each new administration has pledged to lead our country to greater energy security, yet our “leaders” have been far more proficient at following (money & power) than they have at leading. Consequently, our foreign oil and fossil fuel dependence increases year-over-year, as our national and environmental security decreases at our peril.

Yet, as in the past, it is through the leadership and inherent power of “we the people” that these matters of great import can be elevated to a level of national priority. Through words and deeds, if we let our leaders know that we care…loud and clear…they will follow.


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